6 Reasons to opt for Corporate Housing solutions

Corporate housing

Often your business or job makes you travel to other cities. This can be for a short duration or long, depending on the nature of your business in the city. In the event of long duration stays, Corporate housing stay options are ideal. Opting for corporate housing stay options is more practical than booking a hotel room. Corporate housing apartments make your travel more comfortable and at the same time are pocket-friendly.

Travel plan often causes mixed reactions, some are happy and excited about the concept of seeing a new city and having new experiences. At the same time, some might be apprehensive about the new changes and might not be so excited about it. However, when it comes to travel due to professional reasons your personal preferences take the back seat. To make your next corporate travel more comfortable, consider the option of staying at a corporate housing apartment rather than a hotel.

Let us take a look at what is Corporate housing and what are the ways it helps you during your stay in another city.

What is corporate housing?

A fully furnished and serviced apartments, given on lease and rental for company executives is popularly known as corporate housing. This is an ideal solution for those traveling for a longer period and looking for comfortable stay options with the personal touch. The houses are fully ready to move in and have support staff for cleaning and maintenance.

6 reasons why you should opt for corporate housing?

Safe and Secure

The biggest advantage of corporate housing as compared to a hotel is its privacy and peace. Hotels are open round the clock with people walking in and out at all hours whereas, corporate houses are part of residence complex giving you ample of privacy. living in a society gives you predictable movements, like mornings, are busy with people rushing to schools and offices and evening with the kids playing. However, you are sure about the timetable, in most of the scenarios when the noise would start and when it would end.

The neighbors are friendly but at the same time respect your privacy and are not nosy. Round the clock, security gives you the safety that you need.

The touch of Luxury

Travelers expect some amount of luxury considering they are traveling away from home for a considerable period of time. The corporate housing apartments offer all the luxury amenities similar to hotels like spacious rooms and separate living room, Televisions, internet connection, hot tubs and fully equipped ready to cook kitchens. The amenities are almost similar to those provided by hotels but at a considerably lower cost.

Also, you get a city guide with a list of important phone numbers. You can order and get delivery for food and daily need items with just a phone call.

Technical Equipment

Business today is majorly dependent on Technology. The corporate housing apartments come with fully equipped technology solutions. Uninterrupted internet services with 24/7 power back up allow you to work hassle free without interruptions, from your apartment. Most furnished apartments come technology ready at the best of the price.


The corporate housing apartment is equipped with all modes of entertainment to help you relax and unwind when you are not working. A television with DTH connection and high-speed internet connection are the basic inclusions.

Often the amenities of the society like gym and swimming pool are open for your access. The longer your stay, more are the chances of needing various sources of entertainment.

Since this is an apartment you are free to call your colleagues and acquaintances for dinner or drinks. Have a small get together with them to keep your social life active.

Meet New People

It is important for you to meet new people always for your business and personal growth. You might meet new people living in the same set-up. Due to this, your network will grow stronger.

The local telephone guide with important information is there to help you. It will provide you with all important information about the city. Get acquainted with the new city at your pace.

Proximity to important places

Corporate housing is located in apartments which are close to all the major business hubs. Important travel points like airports and railway stations are at a close distance. These apartments are strategically placed for ease of travel access around the clock. Especially in cities like Mumbai where the travel time is a major concern. Due to corporate housing near your business area, you save a lot of time.

Live innovative services, is one such company providing you the best of corporate housing solutions. Talk to us today, and get the best value housing solutions for yourself or your colleagues traveling out of the city. We aim to make your stay in a different city pleasant and comfortable one.

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