6 Reasons Why Travellers Choose Serviced Apartments In Mumbai

Serviced Apartments In Mumbai.

Business travelers have started opting for serviced apartments in Mumbai, as a stay option rather than hotels. A fully furnished serviced apartment is a cost-effective solution at the same time gives a home-away-from-home like feeling. Staying in a serviced apartment in Mumbai is ideal for people visiting and are looking for accommodation options that are hassle-free. fully equipped with all the basic necessities inbuilt setting up a house is a quick task.

Mumbai is a big city, commuting from one place to another is a constant challenge. Often traveler’s coming to Mumbai are compelled to stay in inexpensive hotels located at a considerable distance. Thus increasing the travel time as there are lot’s of traffic issues in this city and the jams are legendary.

Serviced apartments in Mumbai are strategically located amongst the prime business areas of the city. These are basically apartments that are a part of residential complexes located in the prime business areas. The concept of staying in a serviced apartment is slowly gaining popularity amongst frequent traveler or long duration traveler. Let’s take a look at few of the reasons for the increasing popularity of serviced apartments in Mumbai:

Feel the Luxury:

The apartments are at the prime locations of the city and they have luxurious layouts and surroundings. Equipped with all high-end gadgets like microwave, TV, fridge and washing machine. The apartment layout gives it a feel of a luxury home. Often, due to the proximity to business hubs, the top restaurants and malls are near to your apartment. When looking for accommodation in Navi Mumbai part of the city do have a look at the various options presented by the live innovative group.


Serviced apartments in Mumbai are centrally located in the areas which are in close proximity to leading business complex, transports like railways, buses and airports. They are surrounded by green landscapes and convenience stores for your ease. For first timers in the city, it is extremely convenient and user-friendly as it gives access to all you need to feel at home in the new city. When you are in Navi Mumbai, and looking for accommodation at the prime location then look no further than live innovative for the best options.

Cost Effective:

A serviced apartment is a cost-effective option when staying for long durations. Hotels are costly mostly due to overheads involved in them. However, a service apartment is pocket-friendly due to the low maintenance cost, in comparison to hotels. The apartments are fully furnished hence it reduces your cost of laundry, and eating outside every day. Even if you don’t know how to cook you can easily reheat or opt for instant food or the all-time favorite Maggi at times.

Hassle Free:

The service apartments though independent come with a  provision of a housekeeper. He/she comes on a pre-decided time once or twice a week to do the cleaning of the apartment. This ensures that you have your privacy as well as maintain the hygiene. Also, the well-furnished apartment helps you making your home in the new city.

Entertain your colleagues and friends:

You are bound to make friends or might have some relatives in the city. Invite them for a meal over to enjoy the company without the interruptions of meeting outside in restaurants and malls. The service apartments are actually your home in a new city.


If you are planning to shift with your family to a new city or alone it is very important to have a secure accommodation. With service apartments you are a part of an existing residential project with 24X7 security, also it gives a personal feel being surrounded with families always. In case you are visiting with family then the presence of play area and clubhouse amenities is an additional bonus to all. Find many such service apartments in Navi Mumbai area by logging into www.liveinnovative.com.

Service apartments are the future for the traveler. People visiting for short periods or shifting for a longer duration, it is an ideal solution for all of them. Ready to move in homes help you settle in the new city and not make you feel home-sick.


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