Tips to help you select Guest House Management Services.

guest house management services

Travel for work reasons is a must for companies, to mark its global presence. For any company, it is a major contributor to the operational costs.  Guest house accommodation is an effective way to ensure that employees travelling for work are comfortable in the new city. Companies often rent an apartment which is exclusive to their employees. An in-house team of staff is present round the clock for all the services like arranging and cooking food and housekeeping. It is definitely a pocket-friendly option and helps in reduction of the travel cost. However, guest house management services is an equally tedious task. Finding appropriate staff and micromanaging the inventory is a time-consuming task, especially considering the distance involved.

Guest house management agencies are agencies managing your guest house for you. Finding the perfect guest house management services provider is crucial, as there are many such providers. Especially in cities like Pune and Mumbai where the number of travellers is quite high.

So when you are looking to hire a guest house management services provider, do keep in mind the below points:

  • Ensure that apart from the daily cleaning, the agency has a planned in-depth cleaning schedule. Ensure that the agency has scheduled for in-depth cleaning of bathroom cleaning and full end to end kitchen cleaning. Regular cleaning of mattresses and bedcovers should also be part of the schedule
  • The agency should provide an attendant and cook round the clock for your guests. A cook that should be well trained and be able to cook multi-cuisine food. At the same time, they should be comfortable in cooking veg as well as non-veg dishes.
  • The cook should be able to prepare food as per various taste buds. From keeping it spicy to keep it mild, they should be able to cook all. As the guests can be from any part of the world, the cook should be capable to cook various type of food.
  • Guesthouse management services provide training to the housekeeping staff to ensure cleanliness of the house. Take a look at the training module if possible to give you the quality assurance. The guest house management service should train the people on everything, from making a bed to provide exotic food items to you.
  • All the utensils and equipment should be properly cleaned and washed at regular intervals. Proper hygiene of utensils and plates are non-negotiable as there are many people walking in and walking out of the same.
  • A groomed and friendly staff is present for the guests. Even if they are not excellent communicators in English, they should be presentable and friendly. Living in a guest house the employees often befriend the staff.
  • The agency takes regular preventive measure to control pests land insects like cockroach, lizard, flies, and mosquitoes and so on. Regular pest control from a trusted agency should be a mandate for the service provider.
  • The agency should follow all the standard safety procedures. Working fire alarm system with smoke detectors should be in place. Electric wiring system should be proper and there should be no loose wiring around.
  • Check on how the company handles the absence of an employee. They should have a backup plan to ensure smooth operations in absence of some employee. Often these employees are from other parts of the country, and they might have to take leave. So the agency should have a strong backup plan.

Live innovative, provides guest house management services with all these pointers in mind and at the same time providing more. Well trained and groomed staff is always present to take care of the guest who comes to stay. The food prepared by staff is good and cooked in a hyenic environment.

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